Healthier, happier smiles start with PerioHEALTH and Implants.

These before and after results speak for themselves.
Patient A
Missing front tooth

Patient A required an implant to fill in the gap of a missing front tooth and restore their smile. The tooth had broken off and there had been significant bone loss, so bone regeneration techniques were used to achieve the curve of the natural gum line.

Patient B
Worn and broken teeth

Patient B had dentures held in place by worn and broken teeth. These teeth were replaced with implants (picture 3). The implants created a vastly better cosmetic and functional outcome for the patient.

Patient C
Multiple repairs with various filling materials

Patient C’s tooth (front left one as you are looking at it) had been repaired many times with filling material. When the tooth finally snapped, an implant and crown were carefully placed to give this patient a fantastic new look.

Credit: Crown work completed by Dr Michael Lewis, Prosthodontist