For Dentists

“I am committed to working closely with you to achieve positive outcomes for you and your patients.”

Dr Anthony Fisher, Periodontist
BDSc (Hons) DClinDent (Perio) F.R.A.C.D.S.

I am well aware you have options when it comes to referring to a eriodontist, so allow me to (briefly) put my ‘stamp’ on why you can be comfortable referring your patients to PerioHEALTH and Implants.

First up, it was my passion for clinical excellence and improving my knowledge of all aspects of clinical dentistry that led me to periodontal practice. Working collaboratively is my philosophy. I firmly believe that good communication with patients and referring dentists is vital.

I am 100% committed to keeping you informed of your patient’s progress throughout treatment. I offer complete services, looking after periodontal health and implants, in conjunction with you.

I worked as a dentist for eleven years before finishing periodontics in a variety of settings, including private practice, university and the military. I am therefore acutely aware of your needs and concerns as a referring dentist.

As such, my philosophy is to return your patients to you once their oral health is stable. Given that periodontitis is often recurring, I will continue to monitor and provide treatment where necessary, following consultation with you.

I use the most up-to-date techniques and apply evidence-based knowledge and continue to develop my professional skills through CPD attendance. I have also co-authored three journal papers and been referenced by other researchers over the years. I am former President of the Queensland branch of the Australian Society of Periodontology and continue to participate in this group.

More about the practice:

All patients will be provided a treatment plan advising of costs for each appointment, and the total cost for the full treatment.

Reports will be sent promptly to you to keep you in the loop.

Prior to any implant treatment, you will be consulted about your implant choice and its appropriateness for that clinical situation to ensure that you are comfortable with completing the restorative phase.

You are always welcome to enquire about your patients’ treatment.

Patients require long-term follow-up and review on a regular basis to ensure ongoing health. You will have the opportunity to perform this stage of your patient’s treatment and will be guided through the process if you wish. This type of collaboration is the best way to achieve patient satisfaction.

Your patient will ALWAYS be yours.

All patients will be returned to you for follow-up, as you are the one overseeing their overall dental management and comprehensive treatment plan. I will also let you know about further referrals to specialists I feel are necessary.

I aim to run an ethical, independent, non-corporate clinic, with excellent patient care and relationships with dentists being my primary focus. I am keen to meet you for morning tea at your practice, and am happy, at any stage, to answer any questions about my practice or your patients by phone or by email.

I look forward to working with you soon.