Commitment to you

The PerioHEALTH and Implants promise

You will be provided with a treatment plan advising of costs for each appointment, including the cost for your full treatment plan.

Reports will be sent promptly to your dentist to keep them in the loop.

Your usual dentist will be consulted prior to any implant treatment to ensure that they are confident with completing the restorative phase for you.

Your periodontist will give you their personal mobile phone number after an implant has been placed, so if you have any questions they can answer them or help out in any way they can.

The PerioHEALTH and Implants philosophy

All patients should have access to long-term care, including follow-up and review on a regular basis to ensure ongoing dental health.

A patient’s usual general dentist should remain informed and involved in specialist periodontal care.

Patients deserve access to up-to-date techniques and evidence-based knowledge. Professional skills should be developed through regular courses.

Specialist periodontists
Striving to provide outstanding patient care.

Dr Fisher

Dr Thalagala

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